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A small number of Virginia Tech users have received email notifying them that their PID credentials have been used by a third party automated system to access university information systems.  This notification is valid and the PID password for the affected users will expire and require reset on October 23, 2014.  

The Virginia Tech leadership regrets any inconvenience this causes our users, but we are committed to the protection of your information.

A sample of the email sent to the affected users is provided below:

Subject: Notification of Virginia Tech Password Expiration

Dear <name>,

You are receiving this e-mail because your Virginia Tech PID 
credentials were determined to have been compromised and used 
by an automated third-party system to access university 
information resources.

The Virginia Tech IT Security Office has determined that this 
third-party service used your credentials to access university 
information resources and collect data for commercial use. This 
access by an unauthorized third-party poses significant risk to 
the privacy of confidential information belonging to students, 
faculty, and staff.

In an effort to minimize the risk of confidential data exposure, 
your PID password has been scheduled to expire on <MM/DD/YYYY> 
at <hh:mm>.

You are encouraged to visit MyVT and update your Virginia Tech 
PID password prior to this expiration date. You may also call 
(540) 231-4357 to speak with someone in Virginia Tech's 4Help 
Customer Support Center for assistance.

Members of the Virginia Tech community are also encouraged to 
visit to learn more about safe 
computing practices.

Randy Marchany
University IT Security Officer
Virginia Tech


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